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ORQ La Clave Del Blanco


El Blanco De La Salsa

Established in San Francisco on March 12, 2010, with its debut on July 28, 2010, ORQ' La Clave del Blanco stands as a distinguished musical ensemble under the leadership of Blanco, a renowned band leader, and musical director acclaimed for his exceptional performances of Peruvian Music (Musica Criolla) in Peru. Having made the vibrant Bay Area home, ORQ' La Clave del Blanco has graced the stages of esteemed nightclubs across the region, leaving audiences captivated by their musical virtuosity. Blanco's extensive musical journey includes previous collaborations with distinguished bands such as Kokos Band, Orquesta Liberazion, and Orquesta Saboriche. Now, at the helm of his own band, La Clave, Blanco continues to raise the bar of artistic excellence. Together, this collection of highly skilled musicians delivers an extraordinary rendition of one of the most beloved Latin music genres, Salsa, winning the hearts of avid salsa dancers and music enthusiasts alike. Embracing the distinctive style known as "Salsa con Cache," a name inspired by El Blanco's former radio program on "La Grande 1010 AM" in San Francisco, ORQ' La Clave del Blanco offers a rich and authentic musical experience that resonates with audiences. Driven by an unwavering passion for their craft, ORQ' La Clave del Blanco aspires to earn the utmost respect and adoration from their audience, providing memorable and enjoyable performances while striving to establish themselves as one of the preeminent Salsa bands in the Bay Area. La Clave Del Blanco has produced two professional albums and is on their way to recording their third studio album of Salsa Dura!




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Logo (2021)
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